Groundhog Chronicles


A Year in the Life - You can't truly succeed without making some mistakes along the way
Accidental Athletes - Some athletes are born. Then there are those (like me) who become athletic purely by accident
Happy Trails - Venturing off-road leads to simple yet profound discoveries
Mind Games - The rewards of racing can't be measured by a stopwatch
Of Penguins and Prefontaine - The measure of a true runner has little to do with speed
Pacing the Cage - Many of us are captives and don't even know it
Personal Record - Still waddling after all these years
Running in Circles - Track workouts can take you places the open road can't
Sex, Lies, and Videotape - Sit down for a private screening--and prepare to be shocked
The Competitive Edge - You just don't realize how competitive you are, until you meet someone who's slower
The Inner Penguin - You have to start somewhere, so why not join a group who's motto is: "It's not about being slow."
The Popeye Syndrome - What I learned while searching for my own can of spinach
Tied in Nots - Look past the negative to a world of possibilities
When To Say When - Okay, it was the right thing to do. So why does it hurt so much
White Line Fever - Believe it or not, the human machine can equal the power of a Harley

Courtesy of Runner's World Magazine