Brasstown Bald via Jack's Knob Trail
Highest Point in Georgia - 4784'

May 3, 2023 - Beginning at 0630 at Jack's Gap I climbed 2100' up the steep, but well-worn trail over Jack's Knob for 3.1 miles to reach the observation platform for sunrise at Brasstown Bald, the highest peak in Georgia. Needless to say, I was the only one enjoying the view this early. With steady winds ranging between 20 and 30 mph at this elevation, an already chilly morning in the high thirties dropped the feels-like temp down into the low twenties. It was chilly enough to give my camera difficulties, so I cut my stay short after a few photos of the surrounding Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina rolling mountain landscape.

Dropping straight back down the way I came, there was enough light by this time with my warmed up camera to stop periodically and photograph flowers. Again, I found a stand of over one hundred lady slippers spread out along the trail. Upon reaching the gap where I began, I crossed highway 180 and immediately headed up the other side for 2.5 miles to where the trail meets the Appalachian Trail at Chattahoochee Gap, climbing another 1000' feet before returning back to the car for a total of 11 miles and 3900' of climbing for a quick morning jaunt. The winds only increased in their ferocity as I ran, so I cut the day short rather than continue to dodge potentially dangerous falling limbs along the ridges.