23M Appalachian Trail Run - Georgia
Dick's Creek Gap to Tray Mountain (out and back)
Sunday, June 19, 2022
7524' of Elevation Gain

Nice run up Powell Mountain from Dick's Creek Gap, where the Appalachian Trail croses State Highway 76, west of Clayton, to start the day at 0600 and 52 degrees. The 1200' climb got my juices going. Good water at a stream immediately after starting. Top picture is view from below the summit of Powell Mountain looking east.

Trail cleared well with minimal overhamg of undergrowth, not overly technical with rocks and roots. Somewhat sluggish throughout, barely moving faster than 3 mph. No hurry though. Moved deliberately so as to avoid mis-step or falling.

Several campers at Deep Gap Shelter. Chatted with another runner - George Williams from Santa Barbara, age 63, running 33 miles - and another hiker atop Tray Mountain who had seen a bear earlier in the morning. Increasing number of hikers on the turn-around back to the car.

Temps rose gradually, but were never uncomfortable. Overall, trip took me 7H 15M, with one water refill at the Tray Mountain Shelter. It was a comfortable day running through the green tunnel. Saw a couple squirrels, heard others and the chipping of one turkey near the top of Tray Mountain.


Fire Pink (Silene virginica)


Blue-Eyed Grass