Climbing Mt. Elbrus, Russia
Elevation: 18,510'

June 2021 - One of the Seven Summits - Highest Point in Europe - in the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia, near the border with Georgia

9 Day Tour of Climb from the North - Cost ~ $795 with Mountain Guide

Day 1. Meeting at Mineralnye Vody airport or railway station, (plan arrival no later than 12 noon). 
Transfer to Emmanuel glade.
Day 2. Acclimatization hike with equipment to the refuge at 3700m, followed by descent. Sleeping in tents or huts on Emanuel glade.
Day 3. Hike to the refuge.
Day 4. Acclimatization hike to Lents Rocks (4700m). Staying overnight at refuge (3700m).
Day 5. Rest day. Preparations for summiting. Staying overnight at refuge (3700m).
Day 6. Summiting Mt. Elbrus, with start at 2 or 4 AM as the guide decides. Climbing Elbrus takes 6 to 10 hours. Day 7. Day reserved in case of having bad weather.
Day 8. Descent and transfer to Mineralnye Vody. Checking in at hotel, taking a walk.
Day 9. Transfer to Mineralnye Vody airport.