Bartram Trail 21M Run - Georgia
From Warwoman Dell to Wilson Gap (out and back)
Monday, November 22, 2021

I arrived at the Warwoman Dell trailhead at about 2000' by 0800 and immediately headed north up a steep trail to the waterfall pictured below. Temps were mild at 50 degrees, but the air was damp after rain the night before, making both leaves and rocks slippery. I seemed tired at the outset, so walked intermittently up the persistent grade, until it leveled off, following the contours of the undulating landscape as it wrapped around a number of watersheds.

After a mile of gradual climbing another waterfall awaited (at left). The steepness of the terrain, with its abundant streams, makes for waterfalls everywhere I run. It is fantastically beautiful country.

The first three miles climbed gradually to wrap around Pinnacle Knob at 3141' before descending slightly to Courhouse Gap at 3.7M from the TH. I walked more than usual - it was just one of those days. From there the trail follows the boundary of the Warwoman National Wildlife Management Area up and down around two more prominances and gaps - Raven Knob and Rock Mountain at 3680' and Windy Gap before turning around at Wilson Gap at the gate of Road 155F.

Temps never got out of the fifties on the sunny, protected east side of the range, but when the trail crossed over to the north or west side there was a stiff breeze from the north making it feel like freezing temps. Combined with the dark shade out of reach of the sun, for awhile I was chilly and ran with more determination to reach the next gap with sunshine.

The run back after turning around at Wilson Gap was at a much quicker tempo, quickeer than 4 mph, after my juices got flowing and the temperatures seemed warmer. Still, on the dark side of the range I could see my breath in the cold breeze and steam poured off my clothing whenever I reentered the sunshine. On net, I ran the second half probably 45 minutes faster than the first half with all its climbing. Very little fatigue let me knowI am not overdoing it. I'm feeling ready to race the trails again with solid mountain legs. Three weeks until the next test.