Foothills Trail 20M Run - South Carolina
From Oconee State Park to Pigpen Falls (out and back)
MM 0 to MM 8.5 plus 1.5M along Chatooga River Trail
Thursday, November 11, 2021

A rainy day run from Cheohee Road Parking Lot at Route 107 on the Foothills Trail for 6.1 miles to the southern terminus at Oconee State Park, mostly downhill and very runable. Colored leaves in last gasp before cold weather leaves the branches bare. Mild day between 50 and 55 degrees. 95 minutes down and 95 minutes back for 12.2 miles, then another most of 4 miles out and back continuing again downhill to Pigpen and Licklog Falls before following the green-blazed Chatooga River Trail south along the river for a mile-and-a-half, two hours out and back. Saw three thru backpackers and one hiker sharing the trail on this rainy day. Legs good, especially while climbing. Still taking it easy on the downhills. No falls, no fatigue. Lovely day to be in the woods before winter begins.