Foothills Trail 16M Run - South Carolina
east from Fish Hatchery Road (out and back)
MM 20.6 to MM 13 along Chatooga River plus Kings Creek Falls
Saturday, October 23, 2021

Another gorgeous day for a trail run -
this time east from Fish Hatchery Road parking lot,
which is just off Hwy 107.

Trail ascends mildly before dropping 1000 feet
by mile four to cross Burrell's Ford access road.
Very good trail surface with few obstructions,
but lots of switchbacks, made for clean running.

Lots of weekend hikers, including one
group of 15 backpackers.
The smell of wood smoke added a 
pleasant flavor to the run.

The rest of the trail followed the Chatooga River,
narrow, winding, undulating, highly technical,
for slower progress.  Very tough to average 3mph.

On return I took a half-mile side trail up along 
Kings Creek to the Falls,
an impressive 70-foot cascade.

Climbing back the thousand feet,
I felt strong with good control over my knee.
Temps between 48 and 61 degrees in
less than five hours.
Leaves still not at thier peak of color,
but added a nice accent to the photos.