20M Appalachian Trail Run - Georgia
Unicoi Gap to Low Gap (out and back)
over Blue Mountain
Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Training Run 0640 to 1320 - 6H 40M
58 to 68 degrees and balmy
saw 18 hikers
First time seeing this trail 
First mile and a half up 1070' to summit of Blue Mtn
mostly speed walking up 45 degree slope in dark
very mild temps

Continued walking through first hour in dark
before beginning easy shuffle on gradual downhill

First hour, only 3 miles
Knee tentative, so eased into the run
Some technical rocky sections, but overall
very runnable

About half way at  MM47
the AT picks up old logging roads for
some smooth predictable footing
Several seep crossings
Lots of fresh clean water
Especially at MM44 and MM45
No need to carry extra water

Seemed to take forever to reach Low Gap, 
and then continue up to Sheep Rock Top
before turning around at 3:30H for 10M
Return trip took 2:45H for same 10M
as knee loosened and stride confidence improved

Lots of Squirrels barking in the sunshine
Never got very humid.
Air was still all day.
Very nice campsites throughout.

No major stumbles and no falls.
Felt stronger by the finish.
Fatigue, but no soreness.
Good strength and Agility Training.

The poor Audio on the Video above is due to
using the standard waterproof case.
Am still learning the camera.
Stitched 25 separate videos together
to make this one 23-minute production.
Ordered a new skeleton case to improve audio.
Live and Learn!!!!