20M Appalachian Trail Run - Georgia
Unicoi Gap to Sassafras Gap (out and back)
over Rocky Mountain and Tray Mountain
Friday, August 13, 2021

Training Run 0640 to 1205 - 5H 25M
68 to 78 degrees and balmy
saw only one backpacker and two day hikers
First mile and a half up 1070' to summit of Rocky Mtn
mostly speed walking up 45 degree slope
very sweaty morning

Trail eases down to Indian Grave Gap
before beginning more gradual 1300' climb to Tray Mtn

First hour, only 3 miles
Good water on trail at 3.7M
Able to run steadily next 2.5M on climb
crossed Tray Mountain Road three times
and site of 1840 Cheese Factory
Tray Mtn summit at 4430'

Side trip to Tray Mtn Shelter
where I talked to only backpacker of the day
Very gradual slope north for next five miles
rolling down and over several gaps
Easy running, both ways

Heat of late morning made climbing
Tray and Rocky Mtns more challenging
Light thunderstorm before finishing
Still, managed negative splits
2H 50M out
2H 35M back

No falls, few stumbles
Legs strong and in control entire route
Left knee holding through injury
Very satisfied with conservative effort
Good strength training