Backpacking 33M on Chilkoot Pass Trail - Alaska to British Columbia

July 31, 2020 - Aug 4, 2020

RESERVATIONS: Jan 7, 2020 - 800-661-0486 - lv msg for rtn - # adults, #tent sites, itinerary - campsites

FEES: pp: $61.30 for trip + $11.70 for resv. + $9.80 x 4 nites camping

START: Dyea TH, 9-10M from Skagway, Dyea dirt Road access, private shuttles available; meet at Skagway

RETURN TRAIN: $97.00 - 41M - departs Bennett 1515; arrives Skagway 1745 - T,W,Th,Sa,Su

WEATHER: Hikers can expect wet, cold, windy and/or whiteout conditions; severe rain or snow storms are possible even in the middle of summer. Snowfields between the Scales and Happy Camp persist throughout the summer months and avalanche hazard persists until mid-July. The U.S. side of the trail tends to be more rainy, overcast. and prone to flooding. The section of the trail between Sheep Camp and Deep Lake is above tree line and frequently experiences severe weather conditions - driving rain, sleet, hail or snow, low temperatures, high winds and fog. Weather in the low lying areas at the north end of the trail tends to be warmer and drier, a pleasant contrast to conditions which prevail on the rest of the trail.

SUG ITIN: Finnegan's Point, AK - Sheep Camp, AK - Happy Camp, BC - Bare Loon Lake - BC (see profile below)