NRocks Via Ferrata Climbing, Circleville, West Virginia
with Bernie Buckley and Gary Rynearson, Guide Luc Larson, and Saori, Anthony and Noah Fotenos

June 25, 2020 - a true adventure trek, covering 1,085 vertical feet, a mile of steel cable, and a 200-foot long suspension bridge over the dual fins of Nelson Rocks. Located 11 miles south of Seneca Rocks and resting in the shadow of Spruce Knob, Nelson Rocks is a lesser-known but equally awe-inspiring rock feature composed of the same legendary Tuscarora quartzite as its bigger brother. The main difference between the two monoliths is in Nelson’s double fins. Imagine taking the single fin of Seneca and slicing it in half along its length. Now, take those two slices, place them 200 feet apart, and span them with a swinging suspension bridge 150 feet above the ground. Welcome to Nelson Rocks, home to what is likely the most unique canyon in all of West Virginia. While inclusion of “ferrata” in the name harkens back to the days of iron, modern day via ferratas are constructed with stainless steel rungs and cables, rock climbing bolts, and expertly engineered suspension bridges.

Rock fins traversed: 2
Elevation gain: 1,085 feet
Number of steel rungs: 179
Length of steel cables: 1 mile
Bridge: 150 feet high, 200 feet long
Number of steps on bridge: 138
Max height above ground: 300 feet
Time to complete: 5 hours