Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon - 44-46 Miles ~16 hours

Sunrise 0534/ Sunset 1917 / under a waxing Crescent Moon 70% / Total Ambient Light 0357-2053

South Rim to River: 4800'                North Rim to River: 5850' 
Saturday, May 2, 2020

Current Updates on GC Trail Maintenance

Recommend everyone read this report from April 15 to get a feel for where you can get water and
what general conditions to expect.  Also check the Current Updates above and the weather forecasts
below before  you arrive. 

Weather Forecast for South Rim       HourlyGraph      Weather Forecast for Phantom Ranch     
Average temperatures for the South Rim are: Apr 27, high 70 / low 39
Average temperatures at the North Rim are: Apr 27, high 62 / low 34
Average temperatures on the floor of the Grand Canyon range as follows: Apr 27, high 91 / low 62 

If you are on FaceBook be sure to join Benedict Dughoff's "Grand Canyon R2R2R Run" Public Group
as a resource for the latest updates on all things R3.
 THE PLAN:     Friday, May 1 -    I will be at Mather Campground at Site #211 on the Oak Loop
                                                  (see MAP).  My cell # is 910-986-3047. Good cell reception at CG.
                                                    Meet up at Maswik Lodge on Friday.
                           Saturday, May 2 - Meet at Maswik Lodge in GC Village @ 0500 for either a start down Bright Angel Trail 
                                                    OR early shuittle transport over to start at the S. Kaibab TH  (Decision will be made when we meet)
                                                    Leave vehicle at the Village at the top of Bright Angel Trail for transport back to CG after the run.
                                                    No Permit or Sign In Required
                                                    After group photo, start down to the river around 0530.  It is one of those runs where
                                                    two or three groups separate according to ability.  Walk past the mules on the
                                                    descent to the river and be friendly with the mule skinners.
                                                    Down 7M on S. Kaibab to the River (water) OR down 8+M on Bright aNGEL Trail
                                                    Up 7M on N. Kaibab to Cottonwood Camp (water) 
                                                    Up 7M on N. Kaibab from Cottonwood Camp to the North Rim (maybe water)
                                                    Down 14M on N. Kaibab back to the River
                                                    Up 8+M on Bright Angel Trail to South Rim (three water sources)
                                                    From the top catch the free bus or run the 2M back to your tent and car in the CG
                                                    Someone may volunteer to leave a shuttle vehicle in the village parking lot. 
                                                    Review the four Maps with mileages at bottom of this page
                                                    Caveats:  BRING A LIGHT or TWO; BRING A SHELL; bring gloves and warm hat 
                                                                  CARRY THREE LITERS OF WATER when running up North Kaibab Trail
                                                                                  Locations of where the Water is turned ono
                                                                  Water may or may not be turned on at top of North Kaibab Trail on the North Rim
                                                                                  BRING SOMETHING TO TREAT WILD WATER - Steri Pen or Straw
                                                                  STONGLY RECOMMEND CARRYING A SALTY SNACK to prevent 
                                                                  hyponatremia - chips, goldfish, pretzels - instead of S-Caps/Endurolytes
                                                                  Temps may vary between 35 deg F at rim and 110 deg F at River
                                                                  If temps are over 90 deg F at the bottom, slow down, take a dip in
                                                                  Bright Angel Creek - seriously!

              LINKS:       TIPS FOR RUNNING R3     2014 R3 REPORT    a2017 R3 REPORTnn


          Grand Canyon - South Kaibab Trail - 7.1M - 4800' - 12.9%
          Grand Canyon - North Kaibab Trail - 13.5M - 5850' - 8.2%
          Long's Peak - Rocky Mtn. NP - 7.5M - 4803' - 12.1%
          Mt. Washington - Tuckerman's Ravine - 7.9M - 4368' - 10.5%
          Grand Tetons - Paintbrush Canyon - 7.6M - 3863' - 9.6%
          Pikes Peak - Barr Trail - 14.0M - 7700' - 10.4%
          Sandia Crest - La Luz Trail - 8M - 3775' - 12%
          El Vaquero Loco start/finish - 4M - 3000' - 14%