Climbing San Antonio Peak (Mount Baldy) via Bear Canyon Trail
Ontario, California

Elevation Gain: 5650'       Summit:  10,064'       RT: 13M

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Also known as Old Mt Baldy Trail, this hike leaves from Mt Baldy Village on it’s way to the summit. The Bear Canyon Trail, built in 1889, used to be the main route to hike Mt Baldy, which is why they call it the Old Baldy Trail. When the road to Manker Flat was built in 1936, the shorter Ski Hut and Devil’s Backbone routes became more popular. Bear Canyon was also the main way to access the Baldy Summit Inn, opened in 1910 by William B. Dewey, who was the first gringo to summit Mt Baldy in 1882. It cost $1 a night to stay at the inn, but burnt down in 1913.

DIRECTIONS: Drive to Mount Baldy Visitor Center, 6778 Mt Baldy Rd, Mt Baldy, CA. Buy a $5 parking permit from the Ranger Station. Parking is limited so watch the signs.