Redbank Valley Rail Trail, Pennsylvania

October 3-20, 2018 - Over a couple week period, using 20- to 25-mile out and back runs I covered the entire length of the RVRT from Brookville to the Allegheny River. As one of the best maintained pedestrian rail trails to be found it offers a wealth of historic information for the area along with abundant wildlife, friendly people, and endless enjoyable views.


Redbank Valley Rail Trail follows the old Allegheny Valley Railroad, which dates back to 1873. Mile 0 for the trail is at its west end, where the trail meets the Allegheny River and the Armstrong Trail. From there, the trail travels east to Brookville, winding along Redbank Creek for 41 miles across three counties. A 9-mile spur begins in Lawsonham and heads north to Sligo.

Currently, 41 miles of the trail are surfaced with crushed limestone. The trail features 27 bridges and two former railroad tunnels - the Climax Tunnel and the Longpoint Tunnel. Redbank Valley Trails Association website