West Rim Trail Run - Ansonia to Blackwell, PA

Elevation Gain: 5648'

December 30, 2017 ...............topo map of north section ......south section

The West Rim Trail is a 30.5-mile orange-blazed trail located adjacent to the Western Rim of Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon. The northern section of the Canyon is about 800 feet deep and about 2,000 feet from rim to rim. The exposed rock is estimated to be more than 350 million years old. Most of the important geologic processes which formed the canyon as it now exists occurred less than 20,000 years ago. Before glacial activity took place in the present Canyon area, the headwaters of Pine Creek took a northeastern drainage course. Glaciers deposited a blanket of gravel, sand and clay blocking the flow of Pine Creek. This natural dam forced Pine Creek to reverse its flow and drain to the south. This overflow cut through the drainage divide and formed the canyon. The trail offers spectacular views of the Canyon; in some spots the trail follows the very rim of the Canyon.


with George Hollerbach and Tom McNerney

15 degree start, 13 degree finish, ~ 4 inches snow

temps to the low twenties with breezy wind chills

some blue skies and sunshine, intermittent snow squalls

0915 to 0645 (9.5 hours)