Brazeau Lake 80K Loop run in Jasper NP, Alberta, Canada
Max elevation: 8100'              Min elevation: 5650'           Elevation Gain/Loss:  4869'
July 26, 2017 (Wednesday)

GETTING THERE: Follow the Icefields Parkway to the Nigel Pass parking area located on the NE side of the highway 8.5 km south of the Banff-Jasper Park boundary at Sunwapta Pass. There is a signed parking lot for Nigel Pass. A permit is not required for day use.

ROUTE:The route, shaped more like a lollipop than a loop, crosses:

Nigel Pass at 7299 ft
Jonas Pass at 7611 ft
Jonas Shoulder at 8103 ft
Poboktan Pass at 7559 ft
and back across Nigel Pass to return

The trail is moderate in difficulty, however, the distance is what makes it difficult. There are two river fords on this trip; however, one river you must ford twice. The first river is maybe ankle deep (I would imagine much deeper in spring runoff), however the second river is something to contend with, as it runs almost waist deep if you arrive later in the day. There are three passes on this trail, but only the Jonas shoulder is trying. The Loop can done in either direction, but it is probably easier to do it counter-clockwise, with Jonas Shoulder ascended from a high camp (Jonas Cutoff), near the start of the day.

8.6M   Nigel Creek to Four Point - gain: 1,197' to Nigel Pass; loss: 918' to Four Point
11.8M Four Point to Jonas Cutoff - gain: 1,328' to Jonas Pass, 492' to Jonas Sh; loss: 1,148' to Jonas Cut
10M  Jonas Cutoff to Brazeau Lake - gain: 590' to Poboktan Pass; loss: 1,607' to Brazeau Lake
11.6M Brazeau Lake to Four Point camp - gain: 344' to Four Point
8.6M   Four Point to Nigel Creek - gain: 918' to Nigel Pass; loss: 1,197' to Nigel Creek


Brazeau West

Brazeau East