Combination MOUNT TEMPLE and EIFFEL PEAK in Banff National Park, British Columbia

the Valley of Ten Peaks

July 23, 2017

Summit:  11,625'

GETTING THERE: From The Town of Lake Louise drive to the Moraine Lake parking Area. (15 Km approx). From the end of the parking follow the trail along the Lake to the right. At the Junction for the larch valley /Mount Temple hang right up the many switchbacks to the Larch Valley. Group up with at least 4 people to make lots of noise and deter the bears that inhabit the area. The rangers are strict about this so comply. There are lots of people going up so it does not take long to get a group.


Summit:  10,119'

ROUTE: SW Ridge of Temple. Difficulty: I, Class 3. Start at Moraine Lake and take trail to Sentinel Pass. Must have a party size of at least 4 due to bear danger in the area. Crampons and ice axe if there is snow on the route, but under dry conditions the climb is a walk-up. 6-9 hours round trip. Crampons, axe, helmet, and Bear Spray.

The first part of the route is on the trail to the Larch Valley. It is really a highway. Very well maintained. Once you get to the Larch Valley there is a bench where people group up for the return tril through Bear country. Here you will head left over the grassy slopes down to a small drainage area then up the other side to the shoulder of Eiffel. From this point it is a matter of picking your way up the slabs and scree to the summit with easy scrambling.