Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa - Grand Canyon, Arizona

Apr 27, 2017 - After four days of lots of driving and no running I was anxious for an opportunity to stretch my wings in preparation for the weekend's Rim to Rim to Rim adventure in the Grand Canyon. Upon arrival at the big ditch I set sights on a trail I have been eyeing for some time to explore and make a new story.

Grandview Trail drops straight down to Horseshoe Mesa in three miles where it intersects the Tonto Trail above the Colorado River. The upper part is sometimes steeper than 45 degrees and rough on the feet with its cobbles to prevent erosion. I gently eased down the cobbles so as not to twist anything before the big adventure of the trip. The trail reaches a saddle half way down before more grdually descending a couple more ecosystems to reach the Coconino Plateau below.


At the trail juncture on the plateau stands the remnants of a stone structure built by copper miners in days of yore. Two guys from Brooklyn, NY took my pic here before I turned and made the return trip back to the rim.