MC CAULEY WARM SPRINGS: Deep in the Santa Fe National Forest, McCauley is a beautiful warm springs, about 85 degrees, and a very nice hike on Trail #137 about 1.5 miles each way. There are several pools, some very large, with perfectly clear water, in a very scenic glade. From RT 4 west of White Rock and Los Alamos, see the signs for the Jemez Falls Recreation Area and campground. Park here and hike toward Jemez Falls a very short distance where you will see a trail marker indicating the trail forking off to McCauley Warm Springs (this is Trail #127). Follow this trail about 1.5 miles to the warm springs.

SAN ANTONIO HOT SPRINGS: Also deep in the Santa Fe National Forest but 5 miles up a very rough road, San Antonio is a spectacular hot springs, with about 4 rock pools down the side of a mountain overlooking a scenic valley and with a very large flow of clear, hot water. This is a primo hot springs! Go west on RT 4 from Jemez Falls, then turn west (right) onto RT 126. Follow RT 126 a few miles to where FR 376 (see sign) comes in from the left. (FR 376 continues across RT 126 but there is no sign on the right side.) Go right here on FR 376 past a gate (gate may be closed) up a very rocky, rough road (that doesn't get very much smoother as you go up it further). If your vehicle can make this road and the road is open, it is about 5 miles to where the road drops down into a small valley and clearing past 2 cabins on the right (where you may see cars parked). Park then walk across a wooden bridge and take a short but steep climb up to the springs on the right. If you can't get your vehicle up this road or if the road is closed, you can hike the 5 miles up the road (easy, level hike), but you are supposed to be out by sunset. (I hitchhiked up this road in 9/02 as I didn't have a high clearance vehicle. There is not much up here but the hot springs and folks may pick you up rather quickly.) It is a great hot springs, worth finding a way up!

SPENCE HOT SPRINGS: Spence Hot Springs is a very well-used, sometimes a rowdy crowd, but a large and beautiful hot spring, an easy walk from the road. Continue west on RT 4 past RT 126 about 1.5 miles see the sign "Dark Canyon Fishing Area" and, just past here, there is a very large parking area on the left with no large sign. Park in this lot, where you will see a small sign that says "Parking sunrise to sunset-No nudity". From here, follow the well used trail a short distance across the creek to the hot springs.