Backpacking 75K on the West Coast Trail - Vancouver Island, BC


DAY 4- August 25, 2016

Our final day closed with a short but challenging 13K section to reach the Gordon River ferry crossing. We were under the gun to reach the final ferry run at 1530. Despite forewarnings that this section was the hardest of the entire trail with its long up and down ladders (the longest was 54 rungs), we leaned into it and made the 1330 ferry with time and energy to spare. We regretably had to opt out of visiting Owen Point and Thrasher Cove with a high tide at 0706 that morning. The tides did not coincide with our need to finish that day so we all have to save that for another visit. As it was we used the extra time in the afternoon to visit Botanical Beach to boulder around the surge channels. We had hoped to see orcas, but had just missed seeing two different pods swimming toward open water in the strait. A few seals out a few hundred meters could be seen swimming west, but hopefully not by the orcas.

picking black berries after the adventure

Garry's classic shot of Fanny on a swing at the beach on the last night