Backpacking 47M on the West Coast Trail - Vancouver Island, BC

August 22-25, 2016 -  Rated THE BEST HIKE IN THE WORLD since 1999

Directions: Most people decide to hike from South to North to get the hard stuff out of  the way early in the hike.
This plan is to go North to South from Bamfield to Port Renfrew, covering more distance while fresh.  Parking our
support vehicle at the finish, we'll take public transportation to the start, then hike back to the vehicle.
      From Nanaimo to Port Renfrew - driving on gravel logging roads - 2.33 hours, 83M (park vehicle at Gordon River TH)
      From Gordon River TH/Port Renfrew to Bamfield via West Coast Trail Express bus - 3 hours (bus to Pachena Bay TH)
Time to go: The WCT is open from May 1 to September 30th. July and August have the best weather but the most crowds.
Permits: From May 1 to June 14 and from Sept 16 to Sept 30 you cannot make a reservation. It is first come, first served. Everyone normally gets on in shoulder season. During the high season from June 15th to September 15th, Parks Canada will issue permits to sixty overnight hikers. 30 to start from Pachena Bay on the north end and 30 to start from the Gordon River on the south end. Maximum group size is limited to 10; target group size for this hike is 4-5.
Reservations can be made up to three months in advance of the hike start date. Hikes starting in August can only be reserved after June 1. Permits have been $127.50 plus a $24.50 reservation fee per person.
West Coast Trail Prep Guide:
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    West Coast Trail Advisory:
            Photo Trip Report:
                  A Pocket Guide: Hiking the West Coast Trail
             Official Park Webite:
          West Coast Trail Map: Large detailed pdf  Official Map is provided by the Park with a permit.


                Itinerary: Jan 11: Acquire Trail Permit and Reserve Bus Ride in advance.
                               Aug 21: Meet at West Vancouver. Transfer to one vehicle.
                               Aug 21: Ride Ferry Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay (CAN HWY 1) (1H 40M)
                               Aug 21: Drive Nanaimo to Port Renfrew - driving on gravel logging roads - 2.33 hours, 83M
                               Aug 22: Ride first a.m. West Coast Trail Express bus - 3 hours - Port Renfrew to Bamfield 
                                      (Campsite choices each day will be at our option and may vary from the suggestions below.)
                               Aug 22: DAY 1: Bamfield TH, Pachena Bay to Klanawa River (23K, 14.3M)
                               Aug 23: DAY 2: Klanawa River to Carmanah Creek (23K, 14.3M)             CAMPSITE PHOTOS
                               Aug 24: DAY 3: Carmanah Creek to Cullite Cove (12K, 8M)                     AND DESCRIPTIONS
                               Aug 25: DAY 4: Cullite Cove via Owen Point to Gordon River TH/Port Renfrew (20K - 12.4M)
                               Aug 26: Drive vehicle from Port Renfrew back to Nanaimo 
                               Aug 26: Ride Ferry from Departure Bay to Horseshoe Bay (CAN HWY 1) to West Vancouver.