Run up to Sandia Crest on La Luz Trail - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Elevation Range:  7000'-10640'
October 13, 2015 - I've been going up and down La Luz Trail for forty years.  Each time
I visit family in Albuquerque I look up at the looming Sandia Mountains to the east and
dream of climbing them again. In the glory years I could run up the 7.2 miles of winding
trails in under an hour and fifteen minutes and fly back down in under an hour.  At this
stage of my experience it took me about twice as long as it would have in my best of
days.  Nonetheless, I can still do it, and I was still able to run nearly the entire way
to the top, except for stepping through the boulder fields, then run the entire way back
to the trailhead at the bottom.  It was a perfect day, 75 degrees at my 1:20 start and
86 by the time I finished at 5:35.  No falls.  Just took it easy, never feeling that burn in
the quads. I'll never be old as long as I can run La Luz.  I'll let the pictures in the slide
show tell the story of my climb.

                                     Scrolling Photographs from Trailhead to Rim