Climbing Kings Peak - Utah's highest peak

Elevation: 13,528'               Elevation Gain: 5252'           RT distance:  24.4M

July 20, 2020

Henry's Fork Trailhead, which is on the north side of the Uinta range, begins at an elevation of approximately 9440’ with the summit of Kings Peak at an elevation of 13,528'. The Uinta Mountains are one of the few mountain ranges in North America that run east to west rather than north to south. Within the Uinta Mountains are about 2000 lakes, and some 900-1000 are full of trout. Along with the San Juans in Colorado, the Uintas have more contiguous area above timberline than any other area in the Continental United States. The total trail (contour slope) is 12.2± miles one-way, with 5252’ of elevation gain. The trail heads in a Southerly direction on a gradual rise. After about 2.9± miles and 430’ of elevation gain you will intersect with the Alligator lake trail that heads off to the right. Continue straight for another 2.4± miles and about 455’ of elevation gain you will come across a sign for the Elkhorn stream crossing to the left or the stream fording crossing straight. At this point turn left or East and cross via a log bridge. After crossing continue heading in a Southerly direction for another 2.4± miles and another 500’ of elevation gain. This should get you opposite Dollar Lake, a good spot to camp, or continue on and setup camp closer to the peaks. Continue on the main trail for another 1.25 miles to a point where leaving the trail and heading south to Anderson Pass chute is feasible. Staying on the main trail will take you over Gunsight Pass, the typical route to King's Peak, Contour around the west side of Gunsight Pass Peak for another 1.5 miles to the base of the chute. If snow covered, crampon up and hit it up the throat, if rock, just pick your way up through the scree, watch for rocks slides. The chute gains about 1,000’ of elevation in 0.25 of a mile. After reaching Anderson Pass start the scramble to Kings Peak, after one mile and another 900 of elevation you will have arrived on top.