La Maratona Verticale - Copper Mountain, Colorado

Elevation Start  9821'     Maximum Elevation:  12,245'     Elevation Gain: 2424'
July 26, 2014 - A run up to the summit of Copper Mountain from the village was a good
way to throw myself back into the central Colorado mountains that I love.  While I
should have sat on the sidelines I couldn't resist rising above it all to once again taste
the crisp mountain air of my youth that I enjoyed for years just over the pass in Vail
to the west.

The day dawned to 40-some degree temps where you could see your breath as fifty-
some of us immediately set off on single track to climb to the top.  From the start I
dropped to the back to take the day at my own pace.  With no training for six or more
weeks and injuries galore I was content to walk early and walk often between urges
to shuffle when the terrain leveled off.  Running the single track trails and cat walks
to the top was very much like climbing Vail Mountain which I did weekly many years
ago.  It would take me two hours to climb the 6.68 miles to the top and another
hour-and-a-half to return to the start to complete 13.1 miles in 3:36:26.  Not my
finest hour, but I was relishing the exploit with what my body could produce.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was getting close to a buck mule deer that seemed  
content to just stand there and let me take his picture.  Put a big smile on my face.


Climb Details to Copper Mountain Summit
                       Rating    Start/End Points      Length     Start/End Elevation  Avg Grade
                   Cat 1      0.06 mi/6.68 mi       6.61 mi      9,821 ft/12,245 ft      6.9%