Climb to Angels Landing, Zion National Park, Utah

                                         Elevation:  5785'         Scrolling Photos

June 16, 2014 - From the Grotto Picnic area, you cross the footbridge over the
North Fork of the Virgin River, then take the right fork to the West Rim Trail,
which travels up through a riparian woodland of cottonwoods, pinyon pines,
and junipers.  The trail switchbacks up 21 times for two miles to reach the
saddle where the Angels Landing Trail continues from Scout Lookout.  The
last half mile of the climb follows a narrow sandstone isthmus with sheer cliffs
on both sides, 1200' on one side and 800' on the other, to reach the top at
1500' above the river below.


Angels Landing from Scout Lookout with the Great White
Throne (6744') in the background.